Komunikat FEI w sprawie procedury uzyskania statusu FEI Level III Osób Oficjalnych WKKW.

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Dear Officials , 

We are pleased to share with you the updated Eventing Officials transfer procedure to level 3 replacing the 2018 requirement, developed by the FEI Officials Working Group and approved by the Eventing Committee.

This procedure is part of the review of the FEI Eventing Officials Education system which addresses the necessity to clarify, simplify and make requirements workable for the overall eventing Officials population.

The main points of the 2019 Transfer Procedure:

- Evaluations at Events are essential and part of the existing process

- 2 evaluations will be required

- Timeline to obtain these evaluations: within 2 years.

- One evaluation to be obtained before a participation to the FEI Level 2 course.

Each official will be evaluated by an Assessing Team (specific Assessors list does not apply) consisting of: The President of the Ground Jury (or Foreign member), Technical Delegate and Course Designer; at least 1 member of foreign nationality must be included in each Assessing Team.

Each Official Candidate for transfer will be provided with an information sheet explaining the evaluation protocol and the main points included in the Assessment per category of official.

Evaluations will only take place at selected events, with several levels of competitions including 4 star, and minimum number of starters, the list is published here(Note: All listed events have been informed of this procedure).

Each Level 2 Candidate for transfer will be responsible for selecting the event and contacting the OC directly, and informing the FEI accordingly, so the Assessing team can be informed by the Eventing Dpt about the evaluation – prior the Event.

Details of the 2019 Transfer Protocol to Level 3 and the list of Events are available here, which will provide all the necessary details.

We sincerely hope that this new procedure will provide more opportunities to develop competence and ensure a stronger education system for the FEI Eventing Officials.